Investing in your passion: The ARF Legacy Fund

The passion one feels toward animals and the needs of the less fortunate drives many of us to devote time, energy and money toward their care and well being. ARF of Everett is committed to the animals at the Everett Animal Shelter, providing funds for their much needed medical care to rehabilitate them and get them ready for adoption into their forever homes. As an open admission shelter, the door is always open for any and all animals brought to the shelter. This frequently means the care required is extensive and expensive but the reward is worth the cost. The Legacy Fund offers a unique opportunity to support the mission of ARF both now and for decades to come.

The ARF Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund is a designated fund of ARF, separate from the annual operating revenues and budget. Gifts to the Legacy Fund will never be spent on operating costs of the Foundation. The hope is to invest the Gifts and build a strong enough base so that only the interest of the fund would be spent, keeping the principle amount accruing earnings to fund the necessary veterinary care for these animals.

Become a member of the ARF Legacy Alliance

While current donations to ARF, either periodic or through our monthly giving program, are vital to the animals and the organization, bequests and other deferred endowments are simple ways to make large gifts to ARF, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization that assures the future sustainability of the work done by ARF. Individuals who provide for a future gift to ARF will be recognized as a member of the ARF Legacy Alliance. To become a member:

Bequest–Through a will or living trust, you may contribute to the ARF Legacy Fund a specific dollar amount, a particular asset or some portion of your residual estate after you have provided for your family or other beneficiaries.

Life Insurance–By naming ARF Legacy Fund as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you may be able to provide a larger charitable gift than you thought possible.

Retirement Assets–You may provide for a future gift to the ARF Legacy Fund by leaving all or a portion of your remaining retirement assets by naming the ARF Legacy Fund as a beneficiary of your retirement plan(s). This includes IRA’s, 401(k)s and pension plans.